Prune Nourry an amazing artist

Terracotta daughters is a project which really touched me!
Prune Nourry, the artist behind the project did an amazing project and it's more than worth seeing it

 The artist Prune Nourry, who likes to play "mystery" prefered to stay "behind" her work.

The artist Prune Nourry, who likes to play "mystery" prefered to stay "behind" her work.

june 13th - july 11 - Schiffbauplatz 5 - 8005 Zürich - Switzerland

It's an incredible realization based on the very well known chinese Terracotta Warriors from Xi'an. She replaced the male figure with 8 orphan girls, representing the problem about male child and gender selection in China and India.

As my sister comes from India (she was adopted right after her birth), I feel really closed to this culture and problematic. The exhibition is a fabulous work, full of emotion, impressive technique and extremely well presented.

But the most impressive part of the exhibition is that Prune created 108 statues based on 8 faces, 8 upper bodies and 8 legs, crossing them together.
And the Clou is that she'll bury them all in China for 20 years as a symbol. 

Take half an hour or more and go check her work, her video and get inspired.

I wish you a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.


and if you want to find more of her work:
her facebook, instagram, twitter, web 

and of course, Flux Laboratory hosting her work in Zurich


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