D-Day -3 to Oz

Sydney, Uluru, Melbourne AND my sister are getting closer...

This sunday, I'm leaving for 3 weeks of pleasure and adventures starting by a week in Sydney for my traditional Urban Cityscapes and some shootings :-)
The next step will be a visit to my lovely sister in Byron Bay, to see her and her beautiful Kid Mebbin :-) first time I'll see him, can't wait!
Then, the travel will heads up to Alice Spring and Ayers Rock for some desert shots, animals, star skies, rocks and freedom.
And finally, flying down to Melbourne for a last ride on the Ocean Road for some more adventure... 

If you have any ideas, connections, secret spots you'd like to share, feel free :)

Ready for a big jump to Oz! stay tuned!!!

 © Olivier Pagès - Gear to Oz

© Olivier Pagès - Gear to Oz