Backstage of an image...

some people ask how we produce some images but we don't necessarily want to show the details of our technique... buuuuuut, I thought that you'd like to see the steps of an image I did this week for a customer :-)

this is the final image:

and here are the steps to it:

Prune Nourry an amazing artist

Terracotta daughters is a project which really touched me!
Prune Nourry, the artist behind the project did an amazing project and it's more than worth seeing it

 The artist Prune Nourry, who likes to play "mystery" prefered to stay "behind" her work.

The artist Prune Nourry, who likes to play "mystery" prefered to stay "behind" her work.

june 13th - july 11 - Schiffbauplatz 5 - 8005 Zürich - Switzerland

It's an incredible realization based on the very well known chinese Terracotta Warriors from Xi'an. She replaced the male figure with 8 orphan girls, representing the problem about male child and gender selection in China and India.

As my sister comes from India (she was adopted right after her birth), I feel really closed to this culture and problematic. The exhibition is a fabulous work, full of emotion, impressive technique and extremely well presented.

But the most impressive part of the exhibition is that Prune created 108 statues based on 8 faces, 8 upper bodies and 8 legs, crossing them together.
And the Clou is that she'll bury them all in China for 20 years as a symbol. 

Take half an hour or more and go check her work, her video and get inspired.

I wish you a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.


and if you want to find more of her work:
her facebook, instagram, twitter, web 

and of course, Flux Laboratory hosting her work in Zurich


click on the gallery below to see more pictures...

Flyboy my new video assistant by DVcity

A few weeks ago, I found this site providing gears for videographers.
as I'm really interested in making my own videos too, I'm constantly looking for new accessories for my cameras. Dollys, flycams, arms and other solutions to stabilize your movement are hard to find in Switzerland, and even worse, expensive.

The guys from DVcity just launched their Webshop on facebook a week ago, and sent me a mail to inform about their news. The action was a present in form of a FlyBoy III for every order above $ 250.-. I bought a Flycam like I was looking for and never found, curious about what I'd get.
The post arrived 5 days later (from India to Switzerland - very impressive), the parcels in excellent condition and even more, much more surprising, was the quality of the gears I got.
So If you're looking for video material and worry about quality, I can tell you one thing, the guys by DVCity a really good!

D-Day -3 to Oz

Sydney, Uluru, Melbourne AND my sister are getting closer...

This sunday, I'm leaving for 3 weeks of pleasure and adventures starting by a week in Sydney for my traditional Urban Cityscapes and some shootings :-)
The next step will be a visit to my lovely sister in Byron Bay, to see her and her beautiful Kid Mebbin :-) first time I'll see him, can't wait!
Then, the travel will heads up to Alice Spring and Ayers Rock for some desert shots, animals, star skies, rocks and freedom.
And finally, flying down to Melbourne for a last ride on the Ocean Road for some more adventure... 

If you have any ideas, connections, secret spots you'd like to share, feel free :)

Ready for a big jump to Oz! stay tuned!!!

 © Olivier Pagès - Gear to Oz

© Olivier Pagès - Gear to Oz

I'm finally going to Oz..

It's been a while now, since I promised my sister to go visiting...
Now it's so far and on march 10th, I'll be in Oz for some pic hunting, holiday, switch-offing and adventures...
The main problem I have now is the big question:
Of course, I'll have a Pro Body and 3 Lenses (14-24, 24-70 and 70-200), but which should I take? D4, D800?
The first one, has the best body, resistant, tropicalized. Has higher fps, higher ISO...
But it's bigger and heavier, the charger is bigger and it's only 16Mp.

The second one, is more compact, lighter, lower ISO (but still more than OK) and the charger is smaller, but is not tropicalized and fps are really slow...

hmmm... that'll be my challenge...

Additional gears:
- Travel Tripod (Manfrotto)
- SB910 Flash 2x
- Pocket Wizzard
- iPhone Remote cable
- enough Memory Cards
- my Fujifilm X-E1 + 35mm / 18mm
- Go Pro Camera (housing, suction cup) - for cars video and shoot
- 2 HDD's (original and security copies)
- BackPack
... and some other stuffs...

But for now, those are the things I'm ready for :-)
stay tuned...

Summer in Valencia

Like the last 3 years I'm in Valencia again for the summertime. Heat, sun, beach, amazing view... everything needed to simply chill out and recharge the batteries.
Working on our shootndance project, retouching and selecting the best through 5'000 pictures shot in 2 weeks, in 8 sessions, with 19 dancers.
That has been an incredible challenge, a great experience between people, with great energies and very high creativity.
That will definitely be worth being done again! Next time, ballet and acrobatic dancer I hope, to place the level higher?
Thank you in advance for your support and sharing our webpages:
shootndance on facebook
olivier pagès photographer on facebook
and our website

see you soon on line or for a drink! :-) 

shootndance - UrbanZ

Zurich is my playground from June 15th to 20th :-)
9 dancers are joining me for an improvised shooting session in the wood, in town, along rivers and shopping streets.
We are just having fun, shooting around crazy pix and combining photo technique with dance technique.
Yaren, Sheila, Marie, Daniela, Aurelia, Lavdrim, Branca, Caroline and Melanie are facing the cam just for the pleasure of doing astonishing images, for YOUR pleasure.
stay tuned....

best O.