Olivier Pagès 

I first wanted to write a bio, talking about my career and how I got there.
It's a kind of tradition on a photographer profile. But what is more important than the end result, the photographs?

The only things I'll be more than proud about, is to share with you, see a smile on somebody's face when they rediscover themselves with their portrait, spending time with participants in a training, a friend on a photography spot by sunset, shooting landscape pictures, or simply by talking about photography and any interesting topics that make people happy.

The world is my playground, I discovered and will discover more beautiful places and amazing people, traditions and cultures, so the only thing I want to end this post with, is:

"Merci, Thank you, Gracias, Grazie, Danke, Multumesc, Köszönöm, Sukzema, Terima Kasih, Khop Khun Kap, Shukran, Xie xie..."

for stopping by!